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At Columbus Specialty Hospital, we are committed to healing at the highest level. We dedicate ourselves to caring for the whole patient; in addition to providing superior medical treatment, we also care for the emotional, spiritual and social needs of each individual. Each patient receives personalized attention from our highly trained and compassionate staff. We are able to build strong partnerships with patients and their families, as our focus is on extended hospitalization. Columbus Specialty Hospital is the best health care choice for patients with medically complex conditions, pulmonary disorders, neurological illness, post trauma or patients who require ventilator weaning or complex wound care. We care for the body, but more importantly, we care for the patient.


Our patients typically require continued hospitalization of 25 or more days with highly specialized intensive care modalities. A physician order is required for admission; however, anyone can refer a patient for evaluation. Evaluations and screenings are provided at no cost. Patients come to us from west, central and south Georgia, east Alabama and even as far as 150 miles away from Columbus. Our patients are admitted from hospitals within the region and other health care facilities. Patient conditions treated may include the following:

  • Ventilator patients with the potential to wean.
  • Respiratory patients.
  • Post op complications.
  • Patients with wounds.
  • Long-term intravenous antibiotics.
  • Medically complex needs with long recovery times.
  • Low tolerance rehabilitation (less than three hours of therapy a day.)

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Columbus Specialty Hospital consultants carefully evaluate each patient to ensure that the admission criteria are met. Following an evaluation, coordination for admission is made with the physician and the treatment team. This process will ensure that the most appropriate care will be provided to each patient. We strive to provide the highest quality medical and customer care possible to each patient on an individual, personal basis.

For more information or to make a referral please call us at 706-494-4075 or FAX us at 706-494-4091


At Columbus Specialty Hospital, we understand the importance of treating the whole patient. We treat not only the medical condition, but we also care for emotional, spiritual and social needs. With that in mind, we offer a wide range of services to provide you the best care possible. Click below to learn more.